Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easy way to divide fractions

Here you can learn a esay way to divide fractions. Unlike addition and subtraction of fractions, division is a simple, easy to learn method. But to learn this easy way to divide fractions, you have to know before how to multiply fractions, and what is the inverse of a number. If you need to study maths, here you can find all you need.

Inverse of a number

The inverse of a number is the number that, multiplied by the first number, gives the result 1.

3 is the inverse of 1/3 and vice versa.
2/5 is the inverse of 5/2 and vice versa,

Now we will explain to you a easy way to divide fractions

  • Easy way to divide two fractions:

To divide two fractions, replace the signal division by the multiplication sign, and the second number by its inverse. Then simply multiply both fractions.

  • Easy way to divide fractions by a whole number:

If you want to know how to divide fractions by a whole number, you only have to do what was done above, and in the end multiply the numerators and denominators.

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