Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Helping your child learn math

If you are a parent or an older brother, and want to help your child succeed in maths, then there is a set of important tips you should follow. So, start helping your child learn math.

tips to help parentes help their child study maths

Tips - helping your child learn math

  • Become interested in your child's learning

Follow up and have some knowledge about the content that your child is learning is important, both to assist in their study, as well to suggest everyday problems for practice.

  • Do not simply memorize!

Mathematics is, above all, reasoning. So do not encourage your child to memorize the matter but to perceive it and practice it. However, as with everything, there are situations where it is important to memorize. For example, the multiplication tables is an essential tool to achieve progress.

  • Mathematics is "cool"

A major problem in kids today is the idea that mathematics is boring and uninteresting. Reinforce the idea that mathematics is very interesting and worth the effort.

  • Strengthen the bases

In maths, nothing is lost. This is a cumulative discipline, and as such, all that is behind is important for future learning. So, you must ask your child to regularly evaluate other previous contents, especially if they are related to matters that are learning at the time .

  • Autonomy

Help your child to study maths does not mean always sit with him and helps him with his exercises. Most of the time, you just have to give him the tools he needed to get to be autonomous and able to study maths alone. To do so, he must apply the method of study that we explain here.

  • Give positive reinforcement

Not all children develop at the same time, or have the same capacity to be able to have the same success in maths. However, the most important is that all evolve. This requires a positive reinforcement whenever he reaches a certain goal.

  • Learning from errors

The error is one of the most important tools to evolve in Maths. If you find an error in your child's answers, do not correct: you muts draw his attention to the existence of a error for him to find the correct answer himrself.

  • Encourage your child

There are many games and books related to maths, where your child can have a slightly more relaxed and fun relationship with this discipline that will help him increase his interest, and of course, his ability to learn new things.

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